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The Working Mind

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John Nicholson
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The Working Mind

My perception of a brain neuron, for ease of my own individual comprehension is as a tree, axons, I conceive as the root system where knowledge is passed into the soil bank of retained information and knowledge. Dendrites the receiving end of nerve cells, I consider as leaves free moving collection points catching new information and passing this information through the tree trunk on through to the roots.

But in practise it may be that information is most likely passed in both directions dendrites and axons no more than a convenient way of linking individual neurons (Brain Cells). What is the form where information is stored? I consider the only possible manner of THE VAST PROPORTION of human memory is as visual memories. I consider that our mind is a visual memory bank where millions of separate visual memories are stored,

Let me explain what I consider to be the manner by which these individual memories are stored, firstly and most commonly from direct vision Where the brains facilities are perfect most often. Of course to be retained as virtually perfect memories, the brain has to have a reason to commit these individual memories to near perfect retention. They may be dramatic events of any type or nature. Using dramatic events in memory retention, consider telling a child that something is hot only direct touching of the heat source will suffice, the child’s curiosity provides a truthful certain proof.
System one provides visual memory, not from emotion or danger but from short repetitive lessons.


The manner of brain function is at the speed of light, comparison of visual memories are utilised to provide a solution, reasoning is a utilisation of visual memory comparison.

So it is that reasoning provides us with the visual creation of what we consider to be most likely to be so. That creation is directly from our imagination and has to be stored as memory creation not as a direct vision memory.
Of course the brilliant near perfect memory bank of everything we see and create during our lifetime is not all required, for reasoning purposes, or for the sake of pleasing memories, so our brains are fashioned to retain what is vital in the working processes we require daily as in mental arithmetic and on to the vast areas of mathematics.

It is a small stretch of the imagination to consider that perfect memory of every letter and sound combination is required for our brains, to work at the speed of light in order for us to read perfectly, but that is what happens quite naturally when we are taught properly. With System One 4 every I we can guarantee every concerned parent can teach their own child to read, count and think logically.
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John Nicholson
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Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Abacas House,Bishop Burton, East Yorks HU!7 8QF
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Your Mind in Our Brain

[font="Arial Black"]As a layman in neurological terms I am trying to give simple explanations for others who are looking for explanations, and the proof of our fantastic human brains, a brain honed by circumstances beyond its control for millions of years, one only has to consider that we share links with a fruit fly to realise the complexity of the brain we humans are all born with.[/FONT]

Considering the natural ability we all share, using our brains at the speed of light especially so when we use natural speech to give explanation to ideas under consideration which we may be sharing with others, our words in normal speech are drawn straight from the subconscious mind, this of course gives rise to the question who is in charge of who the subconscious mind or the conscious mind. They obviously work in tandem but when danger is imminent the subconscious is always boss.

Words are consistently being used internally to organise ideas, the majority of our verbal conversations are obviously taking part between ideas arising from the subconscious mind for open consideration by the conscious mind, so it is that we consider philosophy, work the future and prepare our conscious mind for the logistics we need to live our daily lives by.

For me to be able to inform you just how I consider our brains work in layman’s terms fifteen years thinking of thinking has taken place, my purpose is that every child should share the human abilities we are all born with in normal health circumstances, obviously our mental wellbeing is affected by the circumstances of our child hood, so called autism and attention deficit and learning difficulties must relate strongly with how we are treated as children. The fantastic protective love shown by our parents in normal circumstances may be insufficient to prepare us for modern lifestyles. Formal schools may prevent normal development taking place, especially so where reading and counting have not been established efficiently.

System One 4 every 1 Is my personal attempt to prevent any child anywhere losing out on being taught to count and read just as quickly and just as easily as is humanly possible, parents need to be aware of what they can contribute towards their own child’s learning even when they themselves were not taught in a similar manner.

Any concerned parent should over a short time be able to teach their own child efficiently simply be following the simple recommendations I make on the website System One 4 every 1 and the attached research and rationale linked with It. They should be able to reproduce the simple recourses they need but only if they are informed such free resources’ and recommendations are available.

For parents to be fully acquainted with these universal recommendations it would be advantageous for Abacus one if state primary schools took part in ongoing trials and further development of these simple physical demonstrations which have never failed the Asian world.
How many English words would be impossible to read with only the knowledge of the alphabetic and phonetic sounds of letters to our children ? (thousands).

[color="darkred"]Let us start with one as we start our journey around numberland, any abacus is a map around number country but Abacus One is better than that.
So why is it so vital to the child as it starts its journeys around number country, why is it the best ever provision for mapping numbers? The answer is clear in your own language, when you can travel simply by blind counting you are able with the help of words to know just where you start from and just where you arrive at, the child’s natural mental facilities allow it to effortlessly learn to read those number words without awareness of developing those abilities. This is the perfect starting point for any and every child to read from.[/

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John Nicholson
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Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Abacas House,Bishop Burton, East Yorks HU!7 8QF
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4 every child

In a personal attempt to ensure every child has effectively a perfect starting point in building their own education/skills.
The lessons I have learnt in fifteen years of reading and thinking about our human mind and its possibilities,

MY theory of brain/mind development.

We are all of the same species; it is therefore logical to believe we could all achieve very high levels of IQ ability and naturally become capable in many human activities.
We already share one million generations from a recognisable point, based on five generations per century over two hundred thousand years.
Provided we are in good physical health and most probably also with many small mental development problems.
Dyslexia cannot be cured ? this is most obviously wrong ,
Total misery within schools for large numbers of children can be avoided by Systematic Proven Teaching.
Obviously we all born with similar brains.



We the people are paying four thousand neuroscientists in north America and four thousand neuroscientists in Europe and up to the present moment they have virtually come up with no recommended improvements in any of our educational programs , WHY NOT?


System one 4 every 1
is based on research knowledge and common sense.

What is Our problem?

“A total lack of intellectual curiosity as regards the functioning of the human brain exhibited by those in charge of the teaching profession”.

I use my personal intelligence to read and reason about just how basic skills are built into children’s subconscious ability, common sense alone tells me that numerous various perfect memories have to be perfected and committed for our subconscious brains to operate at the speed of light before we can speak count and read at the speed of light.

To speak efficiently we have to have a broad knowledge of our natural language, only familiarity with it will provide that ability. Limited use of language in the child’s home can be a problem, counting efficiently is not possible without knowledge of numbers and the appropriate language utilized within the mathematical processes. Reading is definitely impossible without perfect memories of all the combinations of the letters and sound combinations we utilise, limited reading is possible where perfect picture memories are committed to the child’s brain as with abacus one, where parents have been trained to use it, many numbers and subconscious awareness in sounds takes place simply from utilization of it. The simple word one cannot be built with both alphabetical or phonetically perfect awareness of letter sounds. It has to be taught as picture.

“System one 4 every 1” is based on the recognition, of what every child needs to know before they can develop their basic skills perfectly. Fifteen years research and trials have produced simple recommendations which can be taught by repetition. Building perfect routines which ensure every child can understand and achieve full mental awareness of the vital facts within the routines, bringing confidence as the child performs these essential steps in perfected memory acquisition. No child can fail.

Every parent can teach their own children everything that is vital in counting reading and speaking, simply by going through all the vital steps in establishing these vital permanent memories for less than one half hour three times a week or simply fifteen minutes a day, on a seven days a week basis.

In the final analysis only you can fail to teach your own child to speak count and read, ably assisted by a government built by idiots That refuses to run trials whereby my research and hypotheses’ can be proven and adapted in all world primary teaching situations.

John Nicholson

---- --------------------
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John Nicholson
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Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Abacas House,Bishop Burton, East Yorks HU!7 8QF
Posts: 715
Disabled by a myth.Dyscalculia & Dyslexia’s R NO PROBLEM

Disabled by a myth. Dyscalculia & Dyslexia’s R NO PROBLEM

When one has spent one quarter of your life fascinated by our human brain and the possibilities it creates for our individual and collective benefit, exploring your own intelligence and examination of it, inevitable is a major part of that research. I was fortunate in my study I, already had three quarters of my working life behind me when I started this study. Why did I start? A ten minute realisation that utilising an abacus gave a five year old child a perfect visual mental map of basic arithmetic for life.
A farming and troubled business life had left my continuing business impossible to continue, an attack on my business credibility destroyed in one day through a combined attack (Illegal In British and European Law) by two dominant partners supplying credit services and products to a business that had cost four million pounds to establish. Simply a major world trader, UNILEAVER persuaded a week British Bank MIDLAND to use an ability to act instantly in appointing a receiver on my business. Simply by giving MIDLAND BANK extra Financial cover for my business when it was under stress (Signing an agricultural Charge) gave them the right to protect themselves. In order to disguise the pressure from UNILEAVER they valued my farm at virtually half the price (£800,000) that I had paid for it eight years previously, (£1,500,000) IN Sept 19,80. ignored an investment after that of approximately one million pounds of new building and alterations to existing buildings, made to house my herd of three thousand sows and followers. Alongside any valuation figure in relation to a working herd of those three thousand sows and followers that represented at least one million pound of establishment costs. Also ignoring my ongoing investments in growing crops and all the machinery to run seven hundred acres approximately a further half a million pounds.

Clearly I had been shafted.

I took civil legal action, contacting at least six different solicitors, none of them where up to the job, eventually my case was brought to court as an action in person utilising a McKenzie’s friend, we lost it (the judge disallowed value evidence) I took it to appeal The appeal judges disallowed any evidence.
My only opportunity lay in a European appeal, my realisation was that Justice for the week against the strong in courts is severely limited, ten years experience with lawyers gave no confidence in them.
I have made further research into the legality of what happened to me, and at the earliest point in my effort to alter international understanding of intelligence, when I am assured that neural understanding is at a level that , our British government is willing to change its recommendations to primary schools utilising my recommendations as to early learning, when my children’s new business Abacus and Alphabet is in place, when I feel that the most important realisation of my life is fully understood by the British population as a whole, then I intend renewing my Legal attack on the residual beneficiaries of Midland Bank and Unilever Holding whose duties in law towards me as never been correctly addressed in any Law Court.
Returning to my ten minute realisation that an abacus any abacus will provide any child any where in the world with mental mathematical realisations, alongside the ongoing ability to read and think logically and the further benefits’ from establishing arithmetic ability early, furthermore that all basic skills are at best, when the information being filed perfectly, is filed perfectly, by proving that the subconscious brain is correctly utilising that information., that everything possible is being laid down perfectly, in effect only language and basic arithmetic are provable consistently at an early stage, reading ability follows naturally quite quickly. Language purely by natural assimilation and development, early arithmetic purely by the ease of perfection as to system perfection built by humanity over thousands of years and direct intervention as early as is possible.


Spelling has to be perfected over time, easy ability in reading is not dependant on perfect spelling.

I have written over six hundred published essays on mental processes and teaching by physical demonstrations alongside the combination of both, I consider that my mental abilities are no better than any one else’s or theirs better than mine we all posses the species brain which in normal healthy mode is capable of virtually any retention of information any other brain can , provided we research and reason with due diligence.

FIRST PERSON: The challenges of dyslexia don’t end when school days are over, especially if you suffer from dyscalculia as well. From negotiating airports to tapping in pin numbers, there are daily nightmares, writes KATY HARRINGTON
WHEN I WAS six years old, my dad bought me a watch and fastened it to my left wrist. “This,” he said, picking up the hand with the brand new watch, “is your left . . . and this,” pointing to the unadorned wrist, “is your right.”
I loved that watch, not because it had glow-in-the-dark hands (although that helped) and not because it told the time (what does a six-year-old care about time?). I loved it because it was my fail-safe way of telling left from right, something I assume most people come, at some stage, to know instinctively, watch or no watch. More than 20 years later, if I take off my watch, I still get confused.
My dad is dyslexic, my older brother is dyslexic, and so am I. A Department of Education task force defined dyslexia as “learning difficulties related to the acquisition of basic skills in reading, spelling and/or writing”. Dyscalculia, dyslexia’s lesser-known sister, is basically dyslexia with numbers. And I have both. What I have is hard to define. I’m not even sure what to call it. A disorder? A disease? A disability? I do know that disorder causes confusion, disease causes pain, disabilities are a disadvantage, and dyslexia is a confusing jumble of all those things.
Symptoms of dyslexia and dyscalculia are relatively easy to pinpoint. Some of my more prominent problems are with word order and taking notes. My spelling is poor, my handwriting atrocious, and I am incapable of taking down a phone number. I am hopeless with directions, disorganised, sometimes chaotically so, and a terrible timekeeper. As for filling in forms, or typing up a CV, I’d prefer to have teeth pulled. I am particularly awful at mathematics. When I say maths, I don’t mean my knowledge of geometry is a bit sketchy, I mean basic arithmetic. I have great difficulty adding and subtracting even single digit sums in my head, which is hard to admit.
I would hate anyone to see this article before it was spellchecked, formatted and edited within an inch of its life. Typed, it would be unintelligible gibberish; handwritten, it would be illegible, probably even to me. You would probably laugh if you saw how many different ways I may have spelled dyslexia throughout. There’s actually a certain comic irony in the fact that dyslexia itself is so dastardly hard to spell.
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John Nicholson
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At the very route of understanding just why the abacus is so effective

At the very route of understanding just why the abacus is so effective

Obviously we are not always conscious of what we are looking at,

(our conscious thinking is utilising our natural visualisation abilities to consider just what we are thinking about)

(Here our brain is working at the speed of light creating visualisations for us to consider.)

Therefore we are not always conscious of just what we are learning, this goes alongside my realisation, that we are naturally building (on a daily basis) multiple areas of unrealised knowledge. So it is that we may only see something ( of a single or associated idea) in order to be able to realise some collected, previously unlinked group of realisations, that with one last link put in place, bring together a greater realisation of immense importance to the individual.

For adults, just as with young children, it is not always possible to know the very moment where something essential, becomes a perfected memory in the subconscious mind. Where the same applies to an adult with instantaneous realisations, possessing even vaster areas of previously unconnected general or specialised knowledge coming together, it is obviously the subconscious minds major task to accomplish within the sleeping individual collation of ideas and exploration of the possibilities within these previously unconnected areas of knowledge hence comes the general dreaming ability we all posses.

So it is that after fifteen years of study, research, and final consideration of just how the human mind works, most especially in regards to learning, not only as adults and teenagers, but again, most especially as three year olds onwards developing basic skills knowledge, that I can finally provide a solution.

My study began with what I consider to be exactly an instantaneous realisation, as regards to children’s natural learning capabilities, working over such a long time, this has also has given me a perception of the high level of natural ability, we are all born with, our natural specie`s ability, that we are all born with in normal health. A whole multitude of knowledge realisations are taking place in young children’s minds, quite naturally.
The real problem as always, with any problem understanding it, is over half way towards solving it.

OK WHAT IS THE PROBLEM; how DO WE provide the same enhanced experience for every child? that will result in the highest possible level of basic skills ability within every child.
THE early arithmetic competence that leads directly to competent reading and the logical thinking that our complicated (multiplicity problem world) requires of all of us if we are to prevail over our shared universal problems. When we fully understand our natural human capabilities we will realise the vital importance attached to developing perfect basic skills.




I can see everything we need our children to know being solved by procedure in a systematic manner. System One is only the beginning of the perfect knowledge we all require to develop ourselves in order to use our minds efficiently.

Young children have a predominantly kinesthetic learning style. They are natural discovery learners: they have realisations through doing, as opposed to having thought first before initiating action. Simply by copying processes, their natural high level of intelligence is utilised quite normally, by every child with every developing sense working as one, they can simple follow procedure.

Every child is a simple copy cat.

Once we create the appropriate procedure, whereby any child can follow the procedure, the Childs natural intelligence will create the required realisation, most valuable in chanting and pointing as far as letters and words are concerned in reading preparation, but even more outstanding with a written in words abacus when building a perfected mental arithmetic capability for the instantaneous mathematical considerations we all inevitably encounter.

--------------- -------------------------- ---------------------
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