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The Play Tectonics Movement

Hey, all. This fanciful Declaration is the very foundation of The Play Tectonics Movement--proceed to playtectonics dot org and catch a powerful whiff of innovation. What amazes me is that nearly 5,000 people have stumbled on this paper and all but one ever took a minute out to write or comment. I guess there's way too much information swirling around us. It's a good thing I'm a builder and not a bean counter concerned with the numbers. So much is written and researched about Play. And more and more will come. But the key to Play is that it must be tapped and harnessed--or at least put into some kind of order and delivery system. Because out of all the resources we have at our disposal to save learning cultures around the world from self-destruction is Play. I am putting this assertion into action. Play Tectonics will be the first attempt of its kind to leverage Play as an agent of learning culture transformation. Here's a glimpse of how it's all going to work. And here's a variation on the above theme.

Cheers, my silent lovelies!
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