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fifteen years of study before I claim that abacus one is the most powerful teacher

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John Nicholson
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fifteen years of study before I claim that abacus one is the most powerful teacher

This letter is for the attention of Angel Gurria secretary -general of the OECD and Anthony Gooch director of public affairs and communications, and my first of all congratulate you both and everyone concerned on last year's OECD Forum, I consider that it was a wonderful shop window for all your national members, I was most impressed by the secretary general's consistent care in looking after all the dignitaries entrances personally where ever he was able. I consider the whole event to have been well-managed, I was pleased to be able to secure an invitation, and again please to secure an invitation this year.
I managed to give you both the end product, or the physical product relating to my work over the last 15 years, some years ago I used your forum pages regarding teach the brain, I am already 72 years of age but have been concerned for years I would die before anyone knew what I was talking about, I now claim backed by my research over the last 15 years or so that Abacus one is the most powerful teacher, why should this be so, clearly it is related to our most ancient counting tools the Abacus which appears in many countries around the world and is still used consistently by around one third of our world population. Our notation system is now international, and the language of mathematics is clear to all well educated people, but there are millions of children in our world without any education themselves, and millions of parents with very little education in order to assist them, in every country in the world we will have advanced mathematicians willing to show groups of parents how to teach their own children, my personal research in the United Kingdom was carried out on my own grandchildren and the children of friends, every child using Abacus one for an extended period resulted in perfection as regards basic arithmetic, my research was also mirrored by reading up to scratch a close friend theoretical physicist called Winston Haxton. Winston's first use of the Abacus was twin girlbringing up to scratch twin granddaughters of six years of age, who had been previously described as dyslexic, Winston started teaching them everything a was able arithmetic and early mathematics by utilising the Abacus, by the end of the term both girls were among the most proficient readers in their class, there is no doubt in my mind all mind Winston Haxton that being taught to count perfectly recognising all the columns of the Abacus one map taking children from simply understood single numbers, to an initial understanding of the words utilised to bring them up to 10,000,000, they become able in the language of arithmetic, and proficient in basic mathematical understanding, neural pathways when they are able to read numbers quite naturally through assimilation and Association provide them with neural pathways by which they will be able to build on the language they are learning to use quite naturally associating that language with written words as they develop the understanding of the meaning and finally the physical structure of the word is understood quite naturally,
if we consider that most young children or three years of age can understand over 1000 words before it can even use those words, and that from this point it can arrive in our primary class being able to speak and understand 10,000 words, should it not be clear to all of us, who have had the benefit of an education that the child natural abilities are outstanding, our evolutionary ability allows us to build understanding of our own language in sound and meaning, every parent even the least possible training, should be able to manage mathematical explanation whether they can read all not personally by utilising the Abacus is a teaching tool, if we are able to utilise the Abacus by the time we are four years of age, there is little doubt in my mind that the majority of the world children will be able to read their own language if we make them able in our Latin alphabetic languages,
Asian languages and more complex but there are arithmetic awareness and mathematical expertise naturally brings about the mental ability to read a more complicated language.
I am talking to a number of organisations who I think may be persuaded to utilise low-cost teaching resources provided as advertising material to build up international recognition as philanthropic organisations,
my own vision of the Abacus and its ability to assist with mathematical understanding, also providing systematic brain development capable of assisting children to read their own language quite quickly when we provide them with the tools needed to develop that ability, rhythmic chanting and repetitious reading will build reading ability within any child using our alphabetic systematic development of our written languages,,
I consider that system one for everyone, would be a starting point for world primary education, developing the means by which parents themselves, millions of them without a good education themselves, would jump at the chance to be able to assist their own children to count and read perfectly, everything that the OECD stands for would be appreciated by millions more individuals if a practical family teaching systematic easily understood simply carried out primary education.
I have worked essentially in reading neuroscience and teaching history from pre-Maria Montessori other people influenced her to the people who I consider to be the leading edge of education today
we have a common species intelligence, that allows us to create the use and knowledge of our own language. Simply by the use of the world's oldest counting tool, we can create awareness of the decimal system simplicity allows us to understand numeric meaning, the basis of the measurement of everything.
My work is clearly available to be read by yourselves only Internet, indeed it with the provision of your forum which will originally gave me a chance to expand my ideas relating to primary education being the right of every human child. A time when we are considering giving every child in the world a computer, would it not be sensible to give every child in the world the skills by which you could use that computer,
with a little help from yourselves maybe a small exhibition of system one for everyone could be placed in strategic position near the entrance to your French facilities in order that all your guests can be acquainted with the concept of universal education how are we to achieve it,

Thank you both again for everything you have done, and will do in your respective positions within the OECD.
Following this letter to yourselves I have included a few common remarks from my writing which may also be of assistance in considering suggestions,
yours faithfully John Nicholson the developer of system one 4 every 1
Abacus one, the Abacus one map, creating a simple understanding of numeracy from the child's own hands, repetitious rhythmic reading attach to Abacus and alphabet.


Abacus One is The Most Powerful Teacher On Earth and the only way we can conceive counting and reading ability being achieved by every child in their fifth year of age.
I discovered the power of the Abacus when my youngest daughter was four years old, on the sixth of the sixth she will be 21 years of age this year.

Only well informed parents can guarantee to teach their own children to count and read perfectly why?
A three year old child will already now the meaning of a thousand words

Our natural human intelligence starts working on the day we are born, consider our inherited senses, which enable every child to teach itself to speak simply by listening and practicing, we have inherited the ability to copy the sounds of our natural language perfectly. This is perfectly normal human behavior which I describe as “imperceptible learning.” We do not know when or how they are learning, only perfect results prove that they are learning.

There is a second area of imperceptible learning, that is the natural ability the child has to understand the local area it lives in, we all possess the ability to visualise a local map which builds up quite naturally. The third imperceptible learning process is the most practical ability of all. Every child has the natural ability to follow highly detailed physical process`s. These three abilities are at the core of our massive species intelligence. The natural intelligence we need to build perfection in counting and reading when the child is actively learning and quite naturally able to mix imperceptible with reality.

Imperceptible learning takes place quite naturally, we copy language sounds perfectly and imitate any physical process that we are introduced to, this why my physical demonstrations have been developed in order build into the natural kinesthetic memories that link the physical reality of numbers with their meaning in language, written numerals and words. Understanding the meaning of numbers first of all from our fingers in relation to quantity and then the physical addition, subtraction, division and multiplication from using Abacus One and the abacus one map.
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John Nicholson
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I have not corected any of the above from my direct dragon dictation.

but our human future is so vital i do not apologise
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