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My Best Explanation Of Abacus One

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John Nicholson
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My Best Explanation Of Abacus One

My Best Explanation Of Abacus One

Quiet obviously our human future is dependent more on equal opportunity then ever before in our history, recognising this and the fact that the Abacus is the most powerful teacher that any child can utilise, my discovery of the Abacus, of its power to educate and inform, has driven me to devote my life to insuring universal equality in primary education. This means ensuring that every child born is taught at the first opportunity we have, between mother and child, to learn arithmetic, easily taught by systematic steps, first step using the child’s natural map of ten, its own hands, by teaching your child the name of each finger you are giving your child the ability to understand the meaning of every number, writing the numeral on the nail and the word above each finger when your child with your help has created a hard copy of its own hands.

Which links meaning, language, numeral and the written word as one.

You will have to read and understood this, if you can read. If you cannot read I can show you.

Abacus one is our second map, if you can read, teach yourself, how to use it to demonstrate everything you can, you can ask it over a million questions, (probably a billion) it can give you One Thousand One Hundred and Eleven answers.

Again if you cannot read I will show you how.

Moving on to our third map. The Abacus One Map, a counting board, simply take seven stones, or seven counters and a 10 sided dice and illustrate to your child how you can build up numbers

from One, to Eleven Million, Eleven Thousand, One Hundred and Ten.

Once more if you can read, teach yourself and your child the game chance encounter written by a distinguished professor of theoretical physics.

If you cannot read, or understand from reading, his recommendations I will show you how.

Between the ages of three and four, every healthy child born should be able to manage how to do this, with the aid of their parents, grandparents or a state nursery school.

Once your child or any child has perfected arithmetic to anything like this standard between the ages of three and four, its brain will be developed enough to teach itself to read after you have Taught your child four of the essential seven steps to reading that I have developed, in order that every child can complete this essential basic skills knowledge.

Teaching myself about brain function has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life,

ensuring that everyone else can understand what I am talking about, has been one of the greatest trials in my life.

On the website teach the brain I have nearly 700 small essays, many are my own concepts fully understood, or relevant copies of research papers vital in understanding our own brain function.

From my farming background I understand how difficult it will be to feed everyone on our earth, common-sense tells us that without basic food supplies, we shall have no possibility of world peace.

Common sense should tell everyone of us, we have to ensure that our children have to have the best basic education possible.

The computer and the possibilities arriving from its imitation of our human brain, especially in regards to memory or teaching ability are way beyond the capabilities of the individual mind, but what our human mind can achieve at the speed of light will always be more exceptional.

In order for you to read this explanation on a computer, will have taken at least one million human minds in order to create these possibilities, but for you to read it, and understand it, has taken evolution millions of years towards this perfection,

Taken from Stanislas Dehaene: how can we have a brain based education without understanding the Brain?

My answer We can achieve universal understanding of arithmetic , simply by visualisation but when we activate the brain with tools of conscious instantaneous calculation ability, we are building neural pathways for the perfection required to combine the conscious and subconscious abilities we need in order to read and think.

The conscious mind takes care of the meaning and the subconscious mind takes care of the message.



Simply because every child can absorb all the basic arithmetic processes perfectly in one year without pain to either teacher or child.

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John Nicholson
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Old but Good

John Nicholson

11-07-2005, 12:05 PM


My interest in how the brain works came directly from observation, the realisation that children simply by using an abacus developed a mental mathematic map within it.
My next question was how do we learn anything. To skip to jump to swim to walk to run to speak to read to write to draw to think and effectively conscious thinking which mathematics is the best example of. Why is mathematics the best example of conscious thinking, purely because it is so simple and strictly with out any alternatives. It is essential in the majority of scientific proofs.
My observation is that the vast part of memory is subconscious; an example I use to illustrate this to myself is the ability to remember the sound of someone’s voice, over the telephone, and the instant recognition that occurs with a familiar voice.
We make no effort whatsoever to do this, it is subconscious it is automatic it is natural.
Obviously we are aware of conscious thinking, thinking subconsciously takes place at the speed of light, instinctively, it surfaces in moments of danger, and we draw down on it within unprepared speech to explain a concept or make an inquiry of another.
My technical education in these maters amounts to three days in an accelerated learning seminar with Toney Buzan and nearly 65 years with John Nicholson.

To quote De Bono once thought an idea may never be unthought but great thinking is the forerunner of proof. Individual justice is my target, collective thinking the only way forwards. Primary universal education the first step. Voluntary contribution to this concept essential, our whole life is based on the thinking and achievement of others.
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John Nicholson
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Location: Abacas House,Bishop Burton, East Yorks HU!7 8QF
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I Speak to Enchant

I speak to enchant

let this be my mode of writing for the rest of my life
What really is the biggest driver for a child wishing to learn to read.


]Voltaire said one of his great pleasures was to say exactly what he thought,
I am going to spend the rest of my life writing exactly what I think is correct.
Because on these pages I have already done that for over seven years and as I searched for the truth about our human abilities for over seven years previously I was looking for the truth.
Somewhere among this writing is the best advise I was ever given by Tommy Holmes my fathers ploughman philosopher.


The most vital things about the human mind is learnt exactly from what our famous philosopher’s say, not from what lesser men say about them.
My own school days were ruined by teachers trying to bore me to death, once a child can read well with good guidance most of us can teach ourselves anything we wish to know about.
Our human intelligence is demonstrated clearly in three distinct abilities that any child in normal robust health possesses and develops as they grow from babies, building their awareness within their own lives within their own communities and within their own families.
If your child cannot speak well, it is your fault. If your child cannot read by the time they are five, again it is your fault, if your child cannot count efficiently by the time it is four & half years of age once more it is your fault.
It is 12:45 in the morning and today I'm going to the funeral of a young friend who died recently in his early 50s from a brain haemorrhage, his habits where to smoke far too many cigarettes.

We only have one life, and our early education is the most important part of it, I have worked consistently to produce a system that any parent can utilise to teach their own children how to count and read in that order.
Even if they cannot count or read themselves, simply by following my simple instructions and step by step demonstrations utilising the right games and experiences anyone can teach themselves to count and read efficiently at any age especially when the system is simple, and any competent reader can explain what parents have to do to teach themselves to read and count, and to teach themselves how to teach their own children, no more pussyfooting around in my explanations they are simple, given that our British government is so stupid it ignores them. Then it is up to me to ensure that the British public have to be told exactly what they can do for their own children.


Never mind feathering their own nests, of course they have to argue, don't we all love to argue, we all worrying about our economic future, there are so many of us on a planet that will be exhausted from many items if we are not careful. Only science in everything but most especially in the creation of green energy of one sort or another is likely to sustain further natural rises in population.

Plant breeders will be at the forefront of our human future, those that till the land need the assistance and goodwill of those of us who demand food at reasonable cost, eventually hosts of individuals will have to provide their own food and housing never mind the basic education that I am trying to assist them with.

I have spent this evening looking into laser lighting, in order that I can write my messages as to what needs to be done using laser lighting, to give a sense of direction to individuals wishing to teach their own children quickly and easily themselves,

no doubt the government and the powers that economically bind every one of us to big business will attempt to rubbish what I have to say," well rubbish away" and let those individuals concerned about their own children, assist me to prove what I realised 17 years ago, that the Abacus was the most powerful teacher on the Earth. Any child utilising it to perfect its arithmetic abilities at any age for less than 20 min a day will derive the best possible mental understanding of arithmetic equal to any school in the world when they have committed parent wishing to assist their own children.

The rest of my life is devoted to giving explanation that we can teach everything we need to teach with the assistance of our own families, and direct lectures and physical experience similar to the physical experience we give our child to build their lifetimes ability to calculate at the speed of light.

I rest my case for Abacus one, and asked for those with common sense to teach their own children perfect arithmetic whatever age they may be.

John Dixon Brearey Nicholson,

the name John was from my father's brother who died in a motor accident, Dixon was my grandfather, also in my father's name, in my name, my sons Christian name, and part of his four sons name.

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