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Abacus One the most powerfull teacher on earth

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John Nicholson
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Abacus One the most powerfull teacher on earth

----------------- ----------------------

Abacus One
The Most Powerful Teacher On Earth

I discovered the power of the Abacus when my youngest daughter was four years old, on the sixth of the sixth she will be 21 years of age this year. First of all I spent a few months looking at the history of the Abacus and thinking about how it became distributed around the world, was there a connection between the Chinese Abacus, and the Roman Abacus Roman soldiers carried around, the Romans sailed regularly from the red Sea to India, shipping obviously took place between China and India, the Indians were the first people to utilise numbers, the Arabic world in the Middle East perfected those numbers and scholars in both India and the Middle East did not need to use the Abacus.

But the simplicity of the Abacus for the Chinese with their complicated language was always of benefit to them, every Chinese family has been brought up with an Abacus in there own home, just as every Japanese family has been brought up with the Sorbonne in their homes. So it is that we have the two most ancient Asian civilisations still utilising the Abacus to make their children aware of arithmetic preparing the whole mentality of the child to understand numbers,

Russia's history of the Abacus was such a strong teaching influence from it, that it has persisted in Russian and Slavic families since its inception,

French officers brought Russian Abacus back to Western Europe as a novelty,

but Western Europe was so much based on Arabic numerals, were mathematics Scholars obviously did not need to utilise the Abacus to be perfect in mathematics, so it was that the general use in Western Europe following the withdrawal of the Roman Empire managed its mathematics without the use of the Abacus.

What we did not consider was the usefulness of the Abacus, as a teaching tool, the Japanese Sorbonne is probably more widely used in non-Japanese countries then the Chinese Abacus. In reality for a small child the Chinese Abacus sau pan is more useful as in every column you can utilise representation of number up to fifteen and then reform it into tens to read the final quantity,

you will find Chinese Abacus being made simply from wood or metal, they can be copied easily to them minimum of imagination by anyone wishing to copy them,

the Japanese Abacus Sorbonne is made by the Japanese company of the same name, made in plastic, totally unsuitable for a small child to use, one simple knock and the number representation is lost,

this situation is no trouble at all in Japan, where every Japanese person has been brought up with the Sorbonne children are continually being taught by their own parents in the home, and it is continually being utilised in Japanese school rooms.

Nothing is ever likely to persuade the Japanese people, to teach their children arithmetic in any other way whatsoever, Japanese scholars Excel in utilising the National Abacus mentally to perform the most excruciatingly difficult calculations mentally, to do this they need to devote themselves to practice continually between their fifth and 12th birthday.

There is no doubt that this extended education builds mental capability, beyond anything we have seen in any other country, this mental capability is interesting especially when we consider younger children, to acquire the massive Japanese facility in calculation, they are using their brains in exactly the same manner they have learnt to use the Abacus physically. They remember these complicated procedures required to multiply and divide large numbers, they can visualise these procedures from memory.

Only the strict discipline by which the Japanese have created their modern economy, prepares their children to be told in such a manner, nowadays in Japan this extended teaching of mental arithmetic is being slowly ignored.

Explaining a little bit more my history as too why after creating such a tool as Abacus one I ignored trying to sell it, after trying a few schools with the Abacus, and seeing that the schoolteachers were unable to comprehend what I was talking about, I knew when they were asked if it had been helpful to them , they made this simple reply "no we have tried it and it is of no use".

Of course I knew far different to that, my own child was consistently developing arithmetic understanding simply by interaction between us, her continually asking me to set a problem, whatever the parent is doing, can be done to the same extent, whilst your child is asking you, set me a problem. Once our young mothers realise that they can use the Abacus simply themselves, and that this visualisation of the Abacus assists the mental thinking that has to be done, when we can teach our young children,

at the speed of light.

Of course we think at the speed of light, and if we can visualise arithmetic procedure at the speed of light, we can calculate almost instantaneously.

From the moment a child picks up the Abacus, it is building its arithmetic awareness, perfect arithmetic is the basis of all mathematics, the basis of all science, our children can have perfect mathematics just as quickly as we can manage to give them that gift. I have understood this ability regarding the Abacus any Abacus can teach perfect arithmetic, but no Abacus in the world can teach it as well as my Abacus, "Abacus one."

Regarding any number there are four aspects to every number, the meaning of the number either one, or one million, our decimal system allows us to express the meaning of any number very simply,

Our column system representing multiplication by 10, allows us to write large numbers simply,

of course very few of us can visualise what 1 million of anything looks like physically,

but we can visualise one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten, we can clearly understand 10x10 even easier we can understand 10x1 and then 10 times two,

if a child can speak clearly it will be able to understand everything you need to understand within our decimal system so enabling it to count efficiently utilising notation,

the Indian Arabic numeral system is perfection, so perfect that it represents the language of mathematics in every country on earth.

Abacus one uses our natural language, obviously it can be created in any language, obviously we can make stickers to convert it to French over English of vice versa, as far as English primary schools go, we could introduce it as a perfect method of introduction to the French language early,

we could teach children that have not grasped arithmetic properly to speak with the French language as they learn perfect arithmetic for the first time in their lives,

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John Nicholson
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I have always been aware of the power
of "Abacus One",
but before I could really bring it to show the most able mathematical minds, I felt that I had to understand the working of my own mind, and others.

I could not claim without the power to give explanation, as to how information was built up within our human brain resources quite naturally, simply because we can remember visually many things (may be everthing) that we have seen, a great deal of what we have seen that is so important it can be remembered instantaneously, when we need to utilise that physical picture of what happened,

Indeed when we are being taught anything we have to translate what we are hearing into a visual understanding of it. We do not use language to store our knowledge, we use image in action, we can create image in action about anything we have to deal with, there are two major systems which our, species manages, the first system which is developing the moment we open our eyes, visual awareness of everything we see.

Of course with someone like Helen Keller, how I love her mind, expressed so beautifully, simply by saying

"nothing in the world is more pathetic than someone with eyesight but without vision",

quite obviously any member of our species who is born blind, creates a mental of appreciation by touching which is being developed in the same way that visually able children are able to build their real visualisation, followed by our mental ability to visualise image in action, the image in action may not always be in action, but when we are trying to understand something we have not seen obviously our image creation is in action.

So it is whether we have seen it or not, when things are explained to ourselves and others we develop a visualisation impression whereby we are visually able to understand that visual impression, beyond anything else I personally love to read and consider the ideas that I am reading,

for me reading is far more important then arithmetic, but I fully understand that when we are creating the ability of the child to read, it is much more useful to build the child's systematic ability to count, especially so when the child can read any number and visually understand what it means,

Abacus one will prepare the neural pathways of any child in any country of the world quite simply by simple interaction between parents and child, if the child has been given an Abacus one, if you consider for over 15 years as I have considered our human mental abilities, you will understand what I mean,

if you are half sharp you will understand what I mean from reading this explanation as to why Abacus one is so vital in preschool education, where parents can be taught to teach their own child, but it is even more vital when parents have failed to teach their children to count with it, between five and six years of age, where children have not had the benefit of Abacus one or any other Abacus, or for that matter a massively competent parent who considers arithmetic absolutely essential for their own child, teaching their own child arithmetic in their own manner.

A question I asked to Terence Tao, whose mother was a Chinese physicist living originally in Hong Kong before moving with husband to Australia, the husband an expert paediatrician.

Did you use an Abacus in your early arithmetic, his answer to me was no he did not.

Terence Teo was reported to have an IQ of 225 most likely part of a very small human group.

Hearing that Terence Teo, did not use an Abacus during his childhood teaching was a massive disappointment to me, but then I thought his mother was teaching him, quite naturally as a Chinese person his mother would have been taught on an Abacus, a Chinese physicist mother with her first child would not need to use an Abacus to teach that child perfectly arithmetic.

How many mothers will we have who are fully trained as physicists or mathematicians, not many

but we can have an Abacus One in every family in the world within five years, (IF TEACHERS SHARPEN UP) of understanding what Abacus One will do as regards the mental appreciation of arithmetic process.

We can share with every child, the provision of arithmetic that Terence Tao's mother shared with Terence Tao.

We can do this through one simple piece of ancient origin, man's first natural calculator.

I am using speech recognition system to write this article, the second vital mental ability we have is virtually unrecognised, simply because we have not usually thought about how we use language,

we use language quite naturally,("instantanious ly" from our subconcious mind) the language is as natural to us as breathing, of course the more we read, the more able we become in language, the more words we come to realise and understand, the more ideas, we can explore.

Quite naturally our language ability works together with our visual ability for memory,our level of understanding in our own vocabulary will be limited to our experience unless we are able to read perfectly.

In farming and business I have met a number of people who have never managed to read well, many of these people are extremely able especially so in business, some wonderful farmers cannot read well, but understanding one's profession perfectly is virtually easy for all of us when we are brought up with it.

There are two expressions which everyone of us need to consider when we're thinking about educating our own children, and even more so when we try to educate the children of others.

How do children learn naturally, they can learn anything naturally quite easily simply by continued association and assimilation, these are the two methods of natural learning, associate any child with Abacus one continually by giving it one, and already I have given away some thousands,

I find no more pleasure available to me, then the pleasure of giving a child, the world's most able calculator updated with language created by myself,

so teachers and parents everywhere remember those two vital words Association and Assimulation,

if you have not got a physics education like Terence Teo's mother make sure your child as an Abacus one,

human intelligence, is developable.

Every neuroscientist, needs to consider Association and assimilation especially so in arithmetic which is so simple to understand, and so beneficial in building the structure of our mentality,

Abacus one is a natural preparation for reading, when we come to reading there are two other words that we must consider are vital in reading lessons,


if you fail to teach your own child properly, and quite naturally many will fail simply because they have not been taught themselves properly, continued failure in education breeds continued failure in education.

The state has to pick it up, and understand what education really is, and exactly how it comes about, we then have to provide the very best education for our young children, if we fail to teach them to count perfectly, the state must consider itself a complete and uter failure, themselves.

I am personally appalled at the Houses of Parliament, were not one individual has come forward is to assist me, when every member of Parliament has been given an Abacus one, and directions to read the most pertinent neuroscience available at the moment.

With 650 idiots sitting in Parliament, how will we ever educate our children properly.

For today I rest my case, Are those idiots worth the money we have to pay them, never mind their greedy abuse of the system. They can count all right when they are looking after themselves.

What about doing your job, you lazy bunch of ----------------------------

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