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The idea factory at the OECD conference 2012

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John Nicholson
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The idea factory at the OECD conference 2012

[center]O E C D 2012

Without the OECD and teach the brain I should not be able to present this idea today.

My Address To The idea factory at the OECD conference 2012

last year I gave an Abacus to the boss Angel Gurria and his communications director Anthony Gooch this year I'm going to tell them both how to use it and why it is so important.



---------------- ----------------- -------------

yes I know I will need to hammer it holme

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John Nicholson
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How do we provide an equal education for every child

Just who am I to address such conference as this, if I told you that I was born, a farmer`s son, and that the seven generations, that came before me were also farmers sons. How did I end up working on a problem I perceive to be the most important problem in the world.

How do we feed everyone on this planet over the next thousand years?

Well it's quite obvious that I cannot do this on my own, this question is not the most important question we have to answer, but the next question is the most important question everyone of us has to address.

How do we provide an equal education for every child already born, and the millions of children that will be born every year that we manage to maintain a human population, on our Earth?

Although the first of these questions is vital, it is the second question that is most important.

How did I discover this, at nearly 50 years of age, having started farming on my own when I was 22 years of age, then given half my father's land when I was 30, 250 acres.

Ten years later I managed to acquire one of the finest farms in East Yorks, 723 acre farm called Pockthorpe Hall,

When I was only 40 years old I bought this farm, for ONE AND HALF Million Pounds developing the farm in order to be able to keep large quantities of pigs producing manure, of great assistance to producing corn, which is of course essential in producing pig meat.

So it was then after Eight years more development Where the massive company Unilever asked the very week British bank Midland bank to appoint a receiver over my business, I consider then and even more today That these two massive companies broke the Law.

When we see politicians that are corrupt, big business that is corrupt, even where our British police force is suspected of cooperating with big business illegally.

I felt I needed was to take a arguments to a civil court, I was naive there is no justice in the United Kingdom when you fall out with a bank, the whole of society is against you. Quite obviously banks should never be above the law, nor should big business be able to manipulate our future, neither the future of all of us, on the future of individuals.

For the first time in my life, with a massive experience in agriculture from the day I was born until I was brought down by a conspiracy, I was never aware that I had suffered any injustice. Injustice to me was new.

So my idea is vital to our future, my idea is this that every child that cannot count and read efficiently is a disgrace on every educated human being on this our Earth.

Every one of us is as responsible for the future of our children as I am, but I was shown human behaviour under a very bright light, I had the time and the patience to follow through a discovery I made.

I was watching Chinese children on television programme in Hong Kong doing arithmetic, they were five and six years of age, they were brilliant, as their master rote numbers on the blackboard the children added or subtracted quicker than he could write, I was amazed by this, I considerd, then that these children were at least 50 points higher in IQ then our European children, they were so bright so quick witted, then we were shown them using the Chinese Abacus, I breathe a sigh of relief, they were using a simple calculator. The next thing that happened was the Abacus being taken away from the children, my next observation was dramatic, they were just as quick without the calculator as they were when they were using it.

My big discovery was that very young children could calculate mentally simply by being taught to do arithmetic on an Abacus. Our human ability is able to follow process and continued use of any process provides us with perfection in that process. These children had developed a mental Abacus, with which they were able to calculate any arithmetic that was necessary for them to do.

Here was something new in my life, here was an idea that I wished to pursue, my youngest daughter was four years old, the next day I bought five strand Abacus with 10 bobbins on each strand, as I worked out how to use it, I wrote the numbers above each strand, after an hour my daughter could divide those bobbins in half, telling me the answer was 55,555 at four years of age. With only one hours demonstration my daughter could divide 111,110 x 2 :

A 17 year exploration of human ability had just begun.

After a while I reorganised the Abacus to carry words, in trials where the child was encountering educational difficulties we discover that three strands were all that was needed to develop the concept of writing numbers, and the concept I use to demonstrate counting on the Abacus one map, where after counting to 10, I will hold my hand up and ask “please Mr decimal give me 10”, so it is that an Abacus one map and a few stones can bring about the earliest arithmetic education anyone can wish to have.

But children like to work on their own, there is a massive demand by every young child to learn, how else could they learn to speak 10,000 words and know the meaning of those 10,000 words before they are five years of age. Our human intelligence is inherent within our species, 1 million generations are connected to one woman in Africa, within our evolution every child born with good eyesight and in normal health can learn to count to 11,000,000 before they go to school quite easily.

But there is an even more important thing is happening to a child that is learning to councount, as they read the words on the Abacus they are developing their ability to use their neural highways for reading, what I have developed is a counting road to reading.

I am in immensely proud of my research, continually I have thought that I would die before I could demonstrate to the world what I knew, so it is, that in the last seven years of my life I have used these pages to store everything that I discovered in order that you can learn quickly how to teach your own child and every other child on our Earth, just how to read easily, after you have first shown them how to count properly.

I shall never rest my case this is really the first public offering of what I have discovered in 17 years trying to right a personal injustice by providing essential justice in education.

So publicly I am asking the beneficiaries of the Midland bank, HSBC (they took over direct corporate responsibility for what happened to me) and Unilever to assist in teaching every child on earth how to count and read, let big business take up the challenge to educate every child on earth in counting and reading, in order that they may teach themselves.

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John Nicholson
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OECD Future, do we need you

Letting the truth sink in to the oecd physique

yesterday feeling a little disturbed after my eventful visit to the OECD in Paris considering the cost and the effort needed for an old man, that went in to my visit to this OECD conference, while tidying up my outside office, I retrieved the first Abacus I ever bought, 17 years ago, on the sixth day of the six month, my daughter Hattie will be 21, her elder sister has reclaimed Hattie`s bedroom for the moment, dumping her younger sisters favourite articles, but there it was a five strand Abacus that I bought for my youngest daughter around 17 years ago when she was only four years of age, there was still the marks of the biro pen that I used to mark the columns value as I was trying to understand it, nearly 17 years must have passed by, what a journey it is been for me, I have enjoyed my intellectual experience,

I can feel that my explanations of our common human intelligence are beginning to be understood by some people, hopefully the educationalists working for the OECD in Paris will soon understand how the human brain works. I see it very simply, we have a subconscious memory of virtually everything we have ever seen, if we consider that memory is split into two portions, we can consider the memories that we draw on to consider ideas, regular memories which are always available, I conceive as memories in Technicolor, those memories that we do not draw down on, but which are activated when we consider, or see something similar I think of as black-and-white memories.

Where the mind has created an image in action in order to remember something essential, this I also considered to be in full colour, the natural abilities of human memory are very hard to explain as each and every one of us has memories which are different. The best explanation I can give to any individual considering the retention of natural human memory, occurs when a well-known friend from 20 years ago makes a telephone call to you, and the sound of a few words bring instantaneous memory of that friend. I imagine that this is something that happens to all of us at some time.
Neuroscientists, have observed children that are one and two years of age showing mental surprise them something they are looking at has been added to, they consider that the child is counting automatically maybe only from 1 to 2 in this observation but it is a dramatic picture of your child's physical abilities.
I was able to see. For myself all those years ago watching those Chinese children, developing physical and mental awareness simply through utilising the Abacus, trying to get this message of just how powerful the Abacus is in creating mental arithmetic process memory available to the individual child has been my personal mental torment, from nearly 17 years, at last the likes of Stanislas Dehaene has described it in his books number sense and reading in the brain, any educationalists who has failed to read the books is unworthy of giving themselves the description that they claim for themselves.

We have to move forwards with the information about of the human brain we already possess, it is vital that if the OECD claims to be recording experiments within education that will be of benefit to all mankind that they pursue their own initial in-house experiment regarding the benefits of their own staff utilising the observations and methods I recommend within system one.

Anyone at all having poor arithmetic or of being unable to read at any age, with perfect eyesight and normal mental health can, utilise system one to bring themselves with the aid of a mentor, to adequate mental arithmetic ability very quickly, and even more beneficial to them having secured a good understanding of arithmetic through manipulating Abacus, simply by reading words on it and making appropriate physical movements, will have activated their own learning process opening the neural pathways and activating parts of the brain necessary for reading.

Learning to read is one thing, learning to read well is another, I have come across many children lately with latent ability to read, but absolutely they have no interest in doing so, these children usually learn later in life but they are motivated by other thinking processes, in the main visual and usually connected with Internet games.

It is an appalling disgrace on anyone who considers themselves to be well versed in education, that they ignore all the results in mental understanding, that Maria Montessori encouraged in her recommendations for schooling.

Between three and six years of age we certainly need no formal schooling children are best mixed together where the elder are assisting the younger, reading should be developed from excitement, young children's mental appreciation of exciting things are enormously encouraging as far as reading is concerned, They want to know the exsiting stories that thousands of clever minds have created for them, "repetitious reading" which is my fourth step, and should be a regular daily event with parent child working by the age of four, following on from Abacus appreciation previously will develop their love of reading, and encorage their ability to read more than at any other time in the individual's life.

I shall shout from the rooftops about what I have learned during my 17 years of intense study and consideration, why should we let children down, millions of them have been failed by education already. I can quite easily see the time when children only go to school, to socialise learn to play games, learn to do all the physical things that we have to do in our lives, and learn exactly what we need to learn educationally through self-help assisted by computers within their own homes.

This is my vision of the future.

Just at the present moment however, I am concerned with justice, and justice demands that we equalise the opportunity of every child on earth whatever the circumstances of it is birth maybe.

If the enormous power of the OECD are to influence education it must test my observations immediately and the only way to do this is within the 2500 staff that are being paid to work for the OECD.

As regards an economic model of procedure regarding social international welfare, we already have one, the Second World War is the best example of financial manipulation, we can utilise, by building necessity as regards efforts of war. Years ago I worked out but all we have to do to build our society, was to create thousands of war machines, and continually drive them over the cliffs, into the sea where they could do no damage to individuals, but where the vital necessity to produce activated those societies and provided income and occupation.
We have to use notional money, to provide for everything we need to utilise to live by, if we need green electric power it is vital that we create green electric power, the cost in wasted time is nothing like the cost of the war, tidal barages well created, will last for 100 years, windmills well manufactured will stand for 500 years only their mechanical apparatus will need rebuilding.

If we start today to educate every child on earth,

I know that I will not live long enough to see it happen, unless I am lucky, or unless the OECD gets a Gallup on

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John Nicholson
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Three mathematic maps can be used by parents to illustrate all the arithmetic and mathematic concepts that the child will need as a five year old.

My Fingers map

To build your own child`s memory perfectly, show two thumbs up as soon as your child can speak.

[font="Arial Narrow"]

Mr Five & Mr Six

one & ten three & eight

We create three pairs of numbers to avoid mixing up the child`s individual finger names, permanent perfect memory is fixed for ever using this mode for each pair of numbers. Finger tips together, each pair will represent eleven. From here over a few months your child will perfect the meaning of every number name from one to ten.

Please copy the details of your own hands. Copy the map we have given you, using your own fingers demonstrating writing the numerals on the reproduction of your nails, and the words directly above the fingers and thumbs.
Once your child has seen you do this. It will want a copy you, with the same drawing and make efforts to write the numbers on their own nails and the words above their own fingers. You can start to do this when the child is very young, around two a half, to three and a half, as the child gets better at drawing, it will want to do more, but this simple Association will allow the child to easily understand the meaning of the numbers, in a of a couple of months, virtually every child will be developing a perfect understanding of the meaning of these vital ten numbers.
Of course the child learns to speak saying one and illustrating the first finger on the left-hand, looking at the back of the hands, ten is obvious, Mr five and Mr six are where we start when the child starts to speak, we then pair the fingers showing one and ten, three and eight followed by five and six. In the verbal lessons pre-using the map these three pairs need to be perfected, the other numbers drop finally into shape as the child builds awareness utilising (my finger map).
First of all the child has the language, relating to the number, then the numeral followed by the written word and finally the meaning of the name is assimilated as a natural understanding, so it is that we have a perfect understanding of ten numbers, nothing could be easier for you to build your child's awareness of initial numeric meaning, then recognising at the speed of light any one of these four concepts as perfected meaning.
To be written on the back of the hand map.
System one for everyone needs to be perfect, its concept is to easily teach every child in every country by their own parents whenever possible, but by other children or adults when this is not so.
If you have a better route to knowledge obviously I will try and use it within system one if it is proven to be so.
System one is my own perfection I consider it to be foolproof, but common sense and experience should always to play their part in education. So improvements will evolve, where ever they have been proven first.
Arithmetic and mathematics are basic logic. The building of meaning in your child, is little different to my child or any child. Step by step realisation`s, quite logically learnt, when the home teaching is logical. My aim is perfection regarding your child's mind, that means making each step a logical procession and easy to accomplish.

I show you how, as an adult this is easy for me. You show your child how, which is harder for you, but perfection for every healthy child is possible. Regarding human memory, I believe we can associate everything we have seen when we see something similar. Our human memory bank is a visual memory of most things we have seen throughout our lives, explanations about anything are turned into visual memory, which I describe as images in action. This visual memory bank is an essential part of our human intelligence. An essential ability for our survival. Virtually all essential memory is concerned with a visual element. Recalling our essential memories and giving explanation within speech, I consider to be abilities, of the subconscious mind to create language at will, with those visual memories whether they be actual memories or re-creations of verbal explanations. We are still at early stages in regards to brain function, therefore we have to use our imagination in order to understand what is happening, where children can produce between two and 10,000 words by they are five years of age understanding the sound in their natural language and the obvious visual meaning we must always remember that every word we use is in itself an idea. So perfecting the idea perfectly for 10 numbers has to be a logical start in numeracy. By teaching your own child and being more aware of exactly what they are learning, you will be enabling your own child to learn far more then any other method were outsiders are involved, but not every child is lucky enough to have intelligent parents who are well informed, all human beings have wonderful intelligence but many of us lack practical experience in teaching.

Seventeen years of highly detailed thinking, reading and researching has to have some value for those without the time available to them. Using the three maps we can build the meaning of numbers on our first map (my fingers) the physical manipulation of numbers in calculation, as a physical memory utilising Abacus one. Using Abacus One for around a year when children are young, will create lightning like mental ability in calculation.

***** http://www.system-one-4-every-1.co.uk/abacusone.html

the most powerful teacher on earth

Notation then provides Western children with easily assimilated arithmetic, after using Abacus one until the child can gain nothing further from it, we can then advance visual ability extending the understanding of numbers to 1,000,000 which then allows the child to build up calculation ability to 11,000,000 quickly, this map I call The Abacus one map, or Nicholson's counter utilising a game created Physics professor called chance encounter.

HERE TIS http://www.system-one-4-every-1.co.uk/resources.html

With a couple of hours initial familiarisation with these three mapping ability`s and their associated exercises, alongside on-going experience, will build parents abilities and allow everyone to teach their own children to count and read perfectly before they start school

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