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Vorderman to the rescue Of Parents and Kids' Maths
Research has shown that studying maths can be a source of confusion and anxiety for many children. It can also prove stressful for parents, as many are reminded of their own struggles with maths and feel lost when trying to tackle it again years later.

With teaching methods often very different from when parents were at school, and many dependent on calculators or computers to do arithmetic, adults can lack confidence in assisting their children with even simple sums and in desperation are spending thousands of pounds a year on private tuition.

A recent survey showed that over ½ of parents feel uneasy about new basic methods of arithmetic being taught in primary schools *.

Help is at hand with Help Your Kids With Maths, a unique step-by-step visual guide to maths created with Carol Vorderman, one of the UK’s best loved TV personalities, fresh from the launch of her online maths school Aimed at reducing the stress of studying maths and helping your child with their homework, this unique visual guide will demystify the subject for everyone. With clear, accessible pictures, diagrams and easy-to-follow step-by-steps, this book covers everything from basic numeracy to more challenging subjects like statistics and algebra, helping parents to approach even the most complex maths problems with confidence.

Carol says, “I want children to grow up with a love of numbers, not a fear. As a mother myself, I understand how parents feel about supporting their children’s education, and this book makes maths an accessible and enjoyable subject for the whole family.”

Divided into seven chapters, Help Your Kids With Maths is a user-friendly maths tutor, and breaks down the subject for even the most maths-phobic person.

Key features include:
• Explains maths visually with clear, accessible graphics that allow easy understanding of the subject, enabling the reader to work through each problem painlessly.
• ‘Real World’ panels relate mathematical concepts to real life, so struggling students can identify a subject with something familiar and exciting.
• Every aspect of maths, from simple sums to simultaneous equations, is broken down into idiot-proof, step-by-step instructions with an alternative included where appropriate.
• Cross-references located throughout the text explain the links between mathematical concepts.

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