Math Goggles: Teaching Kids

Math Goggles by Robin Ward

Math Goggles by Robin Ward

A collection of field-tested activities for children that integrate mathematics into the world of the visual arts. Serving as the focal point for each mathematics activity is the work of a famous modern artist – Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Georgie O’Keefe, and many more.

Math GogglesAfter learning brief biographical and anecdotal information about the artist, the reader engages in an exploration of the mathematics embedded in the artwork by creating the featured piece of artwork in the spirit of the artist. Step-by-step instructions accompanied by colour images of the artistic masterpieces as well as actual student work aid the reader in visualising and understanding how to create the art in each activity.

As the reader creates each masterpiece, mimicking the great masters, they simultaneously hone their estimation, counting, measurement and number sense skills; noticing, creating, and describing shapes and patterns and experimenting with symmetry and probability. Additionally, readers are learning about numerous modern artists, their techniques, and how math permeates their works of art and the world around us. An annotated list of children’s literature and related websites are included in the end of each activity, directing the reader to additional sources of information either about the artist or the mathematics featured in each activity.

The list includes works of fiction and non-fiction and for teachers or home-schoolers might serve as a springboard for further discussion or as closure for each activity. For a parent looking for creative ways to bring art into a child’s world, or a teacher looking for innovative, hands-on literature based methods of providing connections between mathematics and the world of the visual arts, Math Goggles rich integrated activities will provide hours of thought-provoking delight.

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